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Lessons For All!

Lynn offers private lessons for both couples and singles, of any age, and of any and all dancing ability.  Her lessons are tailored to fit your needs as a student and are designed to instill a sense of passion and excitement! She begins with the basic steps and carefully leads you into the world of dance through connection and unification. You will learn not only how to dance, but how to truly connect with your partner and build a confidence in yourself and your relationship. 

Lynn is best known for her expert teaching skills and her ability to make everyone feel comfortable and confident in their moves. 
Dancing should be a fun activity and Lynn knows how to balance it so you are having fun and being challenged at just the right, enjoyable pace...for you.

Because not everyone has the same schedule, Lynn offers a wide variety of lesson options to choose from. Some clients come in for a certain number of days while others may come in for only a crash course. Some clients are preparing for a specific event and others have made lessons with Lynn a weekly routine. Whatever it is you're looking for, you'll find it here!

Lessons can be scheduled for anywhere within the Bay Area as well as at Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland. 


Styles To Choose From

Romantic Slow Dancing
Party Dancing
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
West Coast Swing
Viennese Waltz
Nightclub Two-Step
Lindy Hop
Argentine Tango
... and many more!


Lynn has done several modeling-shoots showcasing the lovely dress designs of Linda Ayre ( and Diane Pederson's stunning photography. Some photos from these shoots are included on this page as well as in the video on the Home page.